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Le vendite a questi paesi potrebbero essere addirittura veicolate dagli US. Vogliamo parlarne con Alex Velasco? Con gli altri. Non sono ovviamente certo che Alex sia in grado di sfruttare la nuova situazione geopolitica ma vale la pena tentare. If you received this email in error or without. Abbiamo già avuto contatti con potenziali clienti dell area. Se non ricordo male tramite Klaus. Marco B. Puoi confermare? Wednesday, November 02, This message contains privileged a. Qui non si tratta di vendere nell'area dove stiamo gia' vendendo bensi' di vendere nell'area tramite gli americani. Dear Aghiath,First of all I would like to thank you for this opportunity. Do you think it is possible to arrange a private meeting for a live demo to this EU?

Otherwise, because of visa process time, we would be available to visit Bahrein in January Looking forward to receiving your feedbacks. We havea big interest form decision maker who want to see the solutions live ASAP. Wikileaks names mass spyware vendors. The Spy Files link: A voi!!! Se qualcuno conosce la lingua della Mongolia: MESOC was attended by a crowd of political and military leaders, diplomats, and industry representatives.

Visa for Bali. You might find info for Bali Visa interestingVisa on Arrival VOA Citizens of certain countries may purchase upon arrival in Indonesia a day visa which can be extended for an additional 30 days by application to the immigration department. This visa is obtained directly upon landing at major airports and seaports in Indonesia. The Visa on Arrival is not a work visa or a visitation visa therefore it can not be converted to obtain other immigration permits. The maximum stays permitted for the visa on arrival is 30 days. If you plan to stay longer than 30 days, you need to mention your intention to stay longer. Visa on Arrival can be extended for another 30 days via local immigration offices.

The requirements for Visa on Arrival are: Alex,Thank you for the info. Alex and I already went to Indonesia three times, so we know the procedure.. Alex Velasco [mailto: Thursday, June 07, Visa on Arrival. Gulf states crack down on Twitter users. Human Rights Watch has condemned the detention of activists in Bahrain and Kuwait, as social media offer a new outlet for criticism in conservative societies where rulers have traditionally enjoyed near-absolute power in exchange for delivering high living standards.

The arrests — together with other detentions in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates — show how social websites. Marco Bettini Sent from BlackBerry device. Cosa succedera' in Egitto? E in altri stati limitrofi? E i militari in Egitto continueranno a esercitare il potere? Interessante notare che: Saudi spy chief move hints at policy shift. Renowned for his backchannel operations and shuttle diplomacy, this appointment last Thursday suggests Saudi Arabia seeks a more assertive role in shaping the outcomes of Arab revolts and containing Iran.

Prince Bandar bin Sultan, 63, kept a low profile in Saudi Arabia since being recalled from the US in , where he had served as ambassador for 22 years. Renowned for his backchannel operations and shuttle diplomacy, this appointm. Vi giro questa prima analisi di FF Fin fisher. Alberto Pelliccione [mailto: Marco ValleriCc: David, pensi che sia il caso di mandare un messaggio in proposito ai nostri clienti? Potremmo anche sottolineare l'importanza di un uso consapevole del sistema per evitare di finire sotto i riflettori come quei babbi del bahrain. Valeriano BedeschiInviato: Wednesday, July 25, Io lo sapevo un'ora fa, me l'ha detto martin in persona e gli ho riso in faccia!

Valeriano Bedeschi Inviato: Sono d'accordo sia opportuno sensibilizzare i nostri clienti. Marco ValleriInviato: Sent from my BlackBerry? Io lo sapevo un'. Marco BettiniInviato: Enterprise Server. That would be a needed first step, but the risk of them ignoring the alert is very high, if not certain. They paid and in their belief the problem is ours, to have a fix ready in case. I think that the concern should become company wide, and everyone should take steps to make clients and prospects sensible to this matter.

We need to set it so that they get some advantage over this. I think it's very important to train them to have better results with less tries, thus decreasing the chances of exposure and at the same time raising their chances of success we heard of clients sending dozens of similar emails with no result, guess why! Unfortunately, there is no way to grant that this scenario will never become reality, but having a consistent approach probably is the only way to drastically reduce the risk. What do you think? Are there other steps that we can take in this direction?

Ciao Mus,FF é stato beccato. This message containsprivileged and confidential information intended only for the use of theaddressee s. If you are not the intended recipient, you are herebynotified that any dissemination, disclosure, copying, distribution oruse of the in. Credo che dovremmo enfatizzare il fatto che se un sample viene raccolto non solo noi finiamo sotto i riflettori ma anche loro, proprio come e' successo in questo caso. Daniele MilanInviato: I think it's very im. Ti avrei risposto stamattina. Prima ma poi e' successo quello che e' successo. Seguiamo il fenomeno. E meeting d'emergenza in questo weekend. David David Vincenzettivince hackingteam. Sent from m. Thursday, July 26, Sabato pomeriggio, ore Ok posso provare a esserci fisicamente ma non so quanto potro' contribuire.

Saro' appena atterrato dopo un bel volo overnight. Valeriano Bedeschi. Ok per me. Allora no. Domenica ore Per Marco Bettini: David David Vincenzetti vince hackingteam. E' possibile ritardare la riunione verso le Io sono fuori Milano a pranzo e per le 14 non riuscirei ad arrivare. Tornando, prendo anche la valigia per andare direttamente a Malpensa al termine della riunione. They were submitting the files on behalf of a customer who was infected by the Trojan. The docum. Copia rubata e modificata Si e poi c'era la marmotta che faceva la cioccolata Qui pero' ci serve la traduzione di mus Ciao a tutti, é un documento officiale simile di quello dell'Egitto di un anno fa.

Riporto la traduzione qui sotto: FF viene venduto in Bahrain al State security tramite il partner locale MCS dopo che il state security hanno avuto un demo kit per 5 mesi. FF riesce ad accedere su: Hotmail, yahoo e Gmail. FTP port 20, SMTP port POP3 port IMAP port Webmail port Hanno pagato FYI Mus Inizio messaggio inoltrato: On Jul 31, , at Mos, non si capisce il numero di target? It contains privileged and confidential information intended only for the use of the addressee s. If you received this email in error or without authorization, please notify the sender of the delivery error by replying to this message, and then delete it f.

Non è scritto il numero dei target. If you received this email in error or without authorizati. Tuesday, July 31, Webmail port 8. Sfrutteremo la cosa. Alberto OrnaghiSent: Su Twitter dicono: Just as bad but not accurate. IT Phone: Hai ragione Que. Sul documento è scritto solamente "State Security" e quindi non siamo certi che questo doc arrivi dal Bahrain. Dammi ancora un po' di tempo che cerco il doc che è uscito un anno fa sull'Egitto. Ciao a tutti,é un documento officiale simile di quello dell'Egitto di un anno fa. FF viene venduto in Bahrain al State security tramite il partner localeMCS dopo che il state security hanno avuto un demo kit per 5 mesi.

Ho trovato il doc dell'Egitto dell'anno scorso e ho visto che è quasi identico al doc del Bahrain anche l'offerta è esattamente di Zeno e Que: Era una finta di sapere l'arabo: DanieleOn Jul 31, , at 3: Update FF. L'internet e' stata scannata per intero e sono stati trovati appena una dozzina di fronted di FF nei seguenti posti: Sono pochi e la ragione e' che un paio di giorni fa i frontend sono stati aggiornati ed ora il protocollo non risponde piu con "hello steffi" per cui non e' fingerprintabile immediatamente.

Il server originale in bahrain, ovvero Chissa' come mai non l'hanno fermato. If you are not the intended recipient, you are hereby notified that any dissemination, disclosure, copying, distributio. Questa e' la mappa dei frontend di FF identificati e attualmente attivi, si potrebbe dare un'occhiata ai frontend in cechia visto che sono business line quindi non anonymizers di una local company, e guardate un po' a canberra cosa c'e': Remote Forensics Trojans, Surveillance and Investigations. Some weeks ago some news had passed without too much noise, but I believe it is really interesting, and that's why I decided to examine it. Grazie Alberto. Marquis-Boire and Mr. Marczak said they were continuing to study the Bahraini samples and look for more.

Marquis-Boire said. Oggi e' uscito anche sul NYC. Immediately after the Aug. On Sunday, Saudi Aramco said the workstations had been cleansed of the virus and restored to service. Oil exploration and production were not affected because they operate on isolated systems, it said. Qatar group falls victim to virus attack. Saudi Arabia: An extremely interesting article about Saudi and the formidable challenges it is facing now. A must-read, since Saudi is a local super-power and an important client of ours in the Persian Gulf. Eric Rabe [mailto: Wednesday, October 10, David and I spoke briefly and we'll talk more when he is in a better location.

The issue for today is whether this will come up at the conference or in some other way HT will be confronted with the allegations in the Bloomberg story. I'd suggest that we respond along these lines: Obviously, we cannot disclose the names of clients or any information about where in the world we have clients.

We cannot confirm or deny the names of governments or agencies who may or may not be clients. We know that our softwar. Business Cooperation. Nader M. WE are Challenger Global Consulting with over 25years of experience in the defense and security business. Please visit our website: We would like to communicate to whoever is responsible for the international sales and business development of your esteemed organization. We are attaching our NCND agreement due to the sensitive matters to be discussed if we will agree and proceed to further discussions. Upon your approval we will start with our initial requirements and introduction of your company to our client.

We would require your company profile and catalogue of products for offer and presentation to our client. Dear Mr. Obeid for visiting our stand, for his interest in our technology and for this opportunities as well. Can you kindly sign it? Variant of Middle East spy virus found. Mini-Flame is des. Mostapha Maanna,We thank you for the email. Please see attached the signed NDA. Please kindly send your agreement for representation. We would like to ask your permission to offer your Services in Bahrain and Jordan, also after in Saudi Arabia.

We would like to sign an agreement with your esteemed organization. Luis M. Nader,Thank you for your email, I will get back to you soon. Please sign and send us back. Contracts would be directly with our client or indirectly. Please kindly send us the technical datas or presentations for the introduction of your company to our clients. Please note that our company policy doesn't give territory exclusivity, we can give you the exclusivity on a specific enduser. Since we are dealing with a lot of endusers in all over the world, in particularly in gulf region, we kindly ask you to provide us with the enduser name and in case we are not dealing with it we will give you the green light to present us and we will protect you as well.

Looking forward to starting our corporation. Nader, Thank you for your email, I will get back to you soon. Mostapha Maanna, We thank you for the email. We would like to ask your permission to offer your Services in Bahrain and Jordan, also after in. Buona festa! Ciao David,Grazie molte. Te le ricordi tutte!!! Dal 3 al 15 novembre: Dal dal 19 al 21 novembre: A fine novembre inizio dicembre: Dovremo andare io e Daniele a Riyadh per incontrare Abdulrahman per valutare e parlare del progetto da 3 anni.

Aggiungo che dovremmo ritornare in Sudan e andare in Bahrein il general manager di Amman, la società dello sceicco mi ha parlato di una opportunità a Manama. Appena ho qualcosa per iscritto ve la giro. Grazie e buon rientro. Grazie Mostapha! Aggiungo anche Marco B al Cc: Ciao,DavidOn Oct 26, , at Aggiungo che dovremmo ritornare in Sudan e andare in Bahrein il general manager di Amman, la società dello sc.

Ok David. Tanto Maro era al corrente di tutto tranne del discorso del Bahrein. Dovremo andare io e Daniele a Riyadh per incontrare Abdulrahman per valut. Offensive Security. Please advice on a good time to offer the our customer. It would be great if we can have an alternative date as well. Appreciate your feedback at the earliest. O Box: Dear Nashiat,First of all, I would like to thank you for this opportunity. I will get back to you with the dates shortly.

Tuesday, October 30, 2: Nashiat AloudehCc: Dear Nashiat,Me and our operations manager Daniele Milan would be available for one day to visit Bahrain in the last week of November , we prefer to do the meeting on the 28th or 29th. Please let me know ASAP if the date is okay for the end user. UAE cracks down on internet dissent. Forbidden targets range from the president and other top officials, to the national flag and other symbols of the year-old state. Dear Nashiat,Hope you are fine. Can you kindly get back to me before the end of this week regarding our meeting in Bahrain? Dear Mostapha,We are pushing for the same. But the date is not conformed yet.

Will keep you posted. Wednesday, November 14, 2: Daniele MilanSubject: Dear Nashiat,Me and our operations manager Daniele Milan would be ava. Gulf oil industry at risk of cyber attack. This is a very interesting article. But I apologize for the delay I am forwarding it. About 30, computers at Saudi Aramco were disabled in August by a virus known as Shamoon, which also damaged systems at Qatari natural gas company RasGas.

Dear Nader,I am resending the email. As written below, please let us know the name of the enduser and in case we are not dealing with him we will protect you for 6 months. Touching base - how are things? Sat, Dec 1, at Wednesday, September 19, Adam RSubject: Dear Adam,Glad I caught you on linkden to catch up with you as well. Do you think you'll participate? Please let me know if you will. Hope to see you soon. Take care,MostaphaOn Thu, Sep 13, at 4: Hi Mosta. Gli posso dire di passare a salutarti durante ISS Kuala? GrazieMus Inizio messaggio inoltrato: Wednesday, December 0. On Dec 5, , at Glielo dico. E' di scena la Formula Uno, ma dietro le quinte si spiahttp: October 10, - highly technical -Backdoors are Forever: Hacking Team and the Targeting of Dissent?

According to an article published by Slate, the same backdoor was used to target. First use of the media alias. Alessandro, many thanks for these articles! EricEric Rabetel: Monday, December 10, Probably already known articles? November 12, Emirati Arabi Uniti. Aramco cyber attack targeted production. The kingdom said that the hackers were based in several countries spread over four continents. Officials declined to name the countries while the investigation continues. December 10, 5: Allora, parte la rassegna del weekend: If you use a Flash 0D don't use macros! Facciamo chiarezza: Al momento su VT non ci sono sample ne' del nostro exploit, ne' del nostro scout che risulta tuttora undetected anche da kaspersky.

Rimane pero' da capire come diavolo abbiano associato proprio noi a questo exploit Friday, February 08, Ryan Naraine? Mi sa che sto perdendo i pezzi…Ma il sample trovato a targhettare gli attivisti in bahrain non era nostro, era di gamma! Se non ricordo male gli step: Kaspersky rivendica la scoperta di https: Propendo per la seconda. E infatti hai ragione. Penso che sia la community twitter ad aver preso un abbaglio. Meglio cosi': Ma il sample trovato a targhettare gli attivisti in bahrain non era nostro, era di gamma!

UK firm faces questions over how spyware ended up in Bahrain. You know as well anybody working in these type of security tools that the magic word is TRUST and I came to know HT Company for several years and I met you as well David and others either in Riyadh or Milano and we built a good relationship during these years. Valeriano Bedeschi to TCC. Andulrahman [was: Dear Sameer,Hope you are doing well. I am forwarding the email that I just got from Dr. Abdulrahman Al Shenaifi. Although we discussed the issue about Dr. Abdulrahman during my last visit to Riyadh, I am wondering if he is still involved in the project since I see from the email below that you TCC asked him to coordinate with us regarding the Source Code review.

By the way, over the phone he told me that GID has asked him to coordinate with us and not you! Thank you in advance,Regards. Abdulrahman dgoldtech. Hi Mostapha, Could you summarize your conversation with me here? Dear Sameer, Hope you are doing well. Thank you in advance, Regards. Dear Mesefer,I am currently out of the office.

I will do it tomorrow morning. Mesfer S. Al Mesfer [mailto: MSMesfer tcc-ict. Tuesday, February 12, PMO - Aoud M. By the way, over the phone he told me that GID has asked him. Una dura lezione. Faccio un riassunto degli avvenimenti accompagnati da una serie di considerazioni. Monitorando silentemente questo shellcode sono riusciti a risalire ad una serie di tentativi di infezione tramite vari exploit, in tutto una 50ina in tutto il mondo.

Alcuni di questi tentativi erano effettivamente nostri: Altri non hanno nulla a che fare con noi ma, considerando che usavano il medesimo shellcode di vupen e considerando che hanno uno schema molto simile tra loro, mi azzarderei a dire che s. Analisi eccellente, grazie Marco. Una dura lezioneFaccio un riassunto degli avvenimenti accompagnati da una serie di considerazioni. Altri non hanno nulla a che fare co. Dear Mesfer,Sorry for my late reply but I was abroad and was stuck in the airport because of the very bad weather in europe everything was freezing!!!

Below is a summary of our call: Source code review: During these days, the participants can verify that the source code doesn't contain backdoors, worms or other intentionally harmful code that can, in anyway, allow HT to access the system. The participants are allowed to analyze every single character in the RCS source code. For a proficient source code review, attendees must have deep wiring knowledge of the following languages: Good knowledge of Object oriented programming is mandatory.

The client already has the full license, that is: The only differ. Mesfer will discuss this with you in more details. On the other hand, TCC has requested Dr. The reason for his engagement is that he is the one who provided the client and TCC the commitment to conduct a FULL source code review and therefor the client had to engage him again to ensure that his commitment is fulfilled. When TCC team discussed with you the scope of the source code review, we had difficulty in managing it as you have limited the scoop to 10 days with "walk through" only and you have requested additional charges that was not mentioned previously by HT or by Dr.

Abdul Rahman. Abdul Rahman who made the commitment at the very initial stage of the pr. Dear Mostapha, Thanks for your email. What we are looking for is, your help to answer the listed questions: What is the programming language used? What is the type and architecture of the application? What is the total number of lines of code? What is the total number of classes and methods? What is the number of modules responsible for authentication? What is the number of modules responsible for authorization? What is the number of modules responsible for session management? What is the number of modules responsible for Interfacing with database? Daniele,Potresti aiutarmi a rispondere alle domande che trovi nella mail di Mesfer?

What is the total number of classes a. A number of UAE activists including Ahmed Mansoor were targeted with this spyware, in an attack that was linked to the offices of a member of the UAE royal family. Tahnoon Bin Zayed Al Nahyan. Marco Bettini Sent from my iPad. Hi Mostapha, We are waiting your response. Project Manager T: Saturday, February 16, What is. Dear Mesfer,I have forwarded your email to our operations manager that is able to answer on your questions. I do apologize for the delay but he is currently abroad.

Any way, we will get back to you shortly. Al Mesfer ha scritto: Woluld you please elaborate your last mail, Marco? Referring to the article sent by Antonio: I was thinking aloud: Firstly, we should be very careful here. Irrespective of the Citizens Lab report, etc. As I recall, the target in the UAE allegations had recently served jail time. And 2 , there is really only circumstantial evidence that HT software was involved in any way at all, and we certainly don't want to confirm the idea that it was. If asked about any of this We should refuse to comment on the allegations that HT software was used in the UAE at all or used improperly. So far, nobody asked anything at the booth.

Thank you very much, Eric. Era anche in quello precedente che tu mi hai detto di confermare. Rotana now in Bahrain! A Majestic stay awaits you. A spectacular and luxurious suites set in Busaiteen District, Majestic Arjaan by Rotana is a rare find. Embrace new experiences at Majestic Arjaan by Rotana with its stunning studios, 1, 2 and 3 bedroom suites offering optimal space and developed as duplexes, state-of-the-art amenities, dining and meeting spaces.

Terms and conditions: Prenotazioni UAE. Terremoto in Iran, centinaia di morti. Tremano anche India, Bahrein e Dubai. Già oltre 80 le vittime accertate. Distrutta la città di Hiduch. Dichiarato lo stato di emergenza. Alessandro Scarafile [mailto: Il rientro è su Kiev, perché vado a trovare un. Potresti dirmi il motivo del viaggio? Prenotazioni UAE Priorità: Antonella Capaldo [mailto: Tuesday, April 16, Se e' per uso agenzia Alessandro ScarafileSent: Antonella Capaldo Administrativ. Prenotazioni UAE Alessandro Scarafile Sent: Allora "meeting" credo sia piu' che sufficiente.

Non sapevo servisse per il CdC. Antonella Capaldo [. L'alternativa proposta va bene ugualmente; aspettiamo solo conferma definitiva della trasferta, prima di procedere. Wednesday, April 17, Promotional materials have been leaked that describe the tools as providing a wide range of intrusion and monitoring capabilities. This post contains analysis of several pieces of malware obtained by Vernon Silver of Bloomberg News that were sent to Bahraini pro-democracy activists in April and May of this year. The purpose of this work is identification and classification of the malware to better understand the actors behind the attacks and the.

The purpose of this work is identification and classification of the malware to better understand the actors behind the attacks and the risk to v. It's a Collection of articles some already published. Starting from page 63 there are also a summary article about us. I think it could be useful to address our communication strategy to them.

The US is helping some allies to counter cyber menaces. The United States will not share its growing arsenal of offensive cyberweapons, which, like nuclear arms, can be deployed only on presidential order. CRM Update. Gian,Hai ragione. Pensavo di averli finiti. Potresti ricontrollare adesso? Volevo dirti che le seguenti contatti non abbiamo nessuna opportunità per le seguenti contatti: Scusate, se non abbiamo alcuna opportunità perché sono in pipeline? Hi Alex,Thanks for your note. The countries you mention are actually within the responsibilities of my sales colleagues.

They will contact you shortly for further understanding on the topic. Wed, 14 Aug Still waiting for CACC to confirm date. But as you know, they are studying the material right now. On a different note: Maybe you can discuss with your global sales director if HT is interested to have us get you involved there. Here is a list of suggestions that we could consider: Of course, only if you got no activities there yet.

Let me know. Ciao Marco,Please refer to the below e-mail. Thu, 15 Aug But as you know, they are s. It is perfectly right that a guy goes to a country previously served by someone else. We are a team, and we must work as such for greater flexibility in order to achieve maximum efficiency. Daniel Maglietta [mailto: Alexander Murbach; Daniel MagliettaCc: Murbach,It's a pleasure talk to you again. The list of countries that you are suggesting seems very interesting.

Please consider that we are already active in all those countries directly or through partners. Since we'd like to avoid any overlap, in order to move forward with your partners is important to know the exact name of the End Users they are working with. Looking forward to receiving those information. Thursday, August 15, BTW persians are not arabs. Read on, this intervention is very significant. To you, guys. Mr Lee used a two-hour, primetime television address, with a presentation, on Sunday to lay out his plans, the fruit of almost a year of soul-searching by his ruling party as it has grappled with voter discontent.

Housing would be made more affordable and social safety nets improved. Dear HackingTeam, We are Cyber Crime Department in the ministry of Interior of Kingdom of Bahrain we would like to get information regards products you supply at goverment level, we are more interested in products regarding security and safety of our cyber space. Product Information. Dear Sir or Madam, through this email I'd like to apply for a post within your organization, preferably business developer project director could make it also for GCC and Africa regions.

You'll find attached my CV and cover letter ; I'm a graduated telecom engineer and 16 year experienced professional. In a few words, here is why I'm convinced there will be a match within us: I've started working LI within French MoI, in , and since that date almost all of my brain activity has been dedicated to think about innovation, customer satisfaction, dimensioning, Thinking LI is as natural as breathing to me. To you!!! Product InformationDate: August 27, 1: Che ne pensate? I've started working LI within French MoI, in , and since that date almost all of my brain activity. Dear Sir,First of all, I would like to thank you for having contacted us.

Would you be available for a call tomorrow so we can discuss in details our solution Remote Control System? Vogliamo farci una chiacchierata, magari via Skype? Mi chiedo solo perche' il CEO di una societa' con 1m di fatturato vada a cercare impiego in un altra societa', e non una partnership. Perche' la societa' non fa 1m di fatturato oppure ne fa 1 e ne spende 2 oppure perché ha dei debiti notevoli oppure perché sta per crollare per ragioni di mercato.

Comunque possiamo parlarci, sara' istruttivo. Comunque parte male: David VincenzettiSent: Friday, August 30, Daniele MilanCc: E' una situazione sospetta, sono d'accordo. David Vincenzetti Sent: Daniele Milan Cc: Dear Sir,I am resending this email just in case you have missed it. Can you kindly let me know your availability for a call so we can discuss in details our solution and your needs?

Our client from Macao will be present too. Marco Bettini [mailto: Thursday, Au. Murbach,Due to other business activities already planned, we don't attend this event. However, if the client is available, we will be more than happy to have him, and you of course, as our guests in our headquarter in Milan. Please let us know if this could be planned.

Marco — thanks for the offer but we all will be quite busy at DSEi in London. This is just the local partner, not end user. Daniel — regarding Macao demo: Unlikely demo is in Sept. Alexander MurbachCc: Dear MostaphaI apologize for the delay as we are busy with things here please provide your number and suitable calling time so we will give you call to arrange. Thanks Alex. SMTP Server [mailto: Wednesday, 4 September, 4: Alexander Murbac. Just to clarify, is anyone of HT at the show available for meetings?

Daniel — regarding Macao d. Dear Alexander,Nobody from HT will be at show. Alexander Murbach [mailto: Wednesday, September 04, Daniel Maglietta; Marco BettiniCc: Dear Alexander, Nobody from HT will be at show. Daniel Maglietta; Marco Bettini Cc: Alex,Unfortunately we are not attending this event. Wed, 4 Sep Dear Sir,My number is I am available tomorrow in the afternoon or any time on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Please let me know when will you be calling me.

Dear Maanna, Refer to the emails below, could you advice what time is suit you to call. Product Information Sent from my iPad Begin forwarded message: Product Information Dear Sir, My number is Dear Maj Ali,Tomorrow Monday between 9: AECD ha scritto: Please let me. It is CET. But you can use your local time, so between 9: What is your local time? Call It is CET. Dear Maanna, Refer to the emails below, could you advice what time is. Jeszcze jeden Biologiczna "nocka" Nauka po godzinach Rady na odpady Selektywna zbiórka elektro-odpadów w specjalnym miejscu w Chorzowie. Numerowana sprawa System kolejkowy w rudzkim magistracie.

Barbórka Para buch! Koparki w ruch! Rusza przebudowa DK Nietypowa akcja dla Komunikacyjna r ewolucja? Dotacja na zmiany w systemie transportu zbiorowego w Chorzowie. Remont na 2 lata. Kasa na zdrowie Chorzowskie projekty docenione. Palenisko to nie wszystko, ale W Katowicach jak w Nie ignorujcie bezdomnych! Schronisko - nie!

Noclegownia - nie! No to co?! Powrót do korzeni Chorzów: Policja rekrutuje Kolejne nabory w woj. Pola Nadziei obsadzone Kampania na rzecz hospicjów. Grzyby z przygodami Uwaga! Pod znakiem czarnego konia Rusza Festiwal Ars Independent. Pada, leje, wylewa Wzrasta niepokój - przybywa wody w rzekach. Uwaga na "bajpas" Zmiany na Kokota w Rudzie-Bielszowicach. Z Bobrka do Dofinansowanie dla Kaliny Nowa szansa dla rekultywacji zbiornika.

Tranzyt przez Chorzów nadal utrudniony Kolejny etap prac na Katowickiej. Poszukiwany brutalny bandyta. Metropolitalny zgrzyt? Chorzowskie utrapienia kierowców Kolejny etap prac na ul. Co z tymi odpadami? Kolejne dzikie wysypisko w Bytomiu. Jakie toalety w Spodku? Konkurs na Prace na trasie Bytom-Chorzów Kolejne utrudnienie w ruchu. Lipcowe roboty na 11 listopada Zmiana organizacji ruchu w Chorzowie. Sobótkowo i Komu "wiedza o regionie"? Rusza nowy regionalny kierunek uniwersytecki. Internauci zafundowali plac Przewozy gratis jako forma wsparcia Tychy: Co dalej z tym smogiem?!

Przepisy anty-smrodo-smogowe potrzebne od zaraz. Katastrofa budowlana w Katowicach Cztery osoby przysypane gruzem z zawalonego stropu. Sprawcy rozboju zatrzymani O pomoc dla syryjskich rodzin apeluje abp Wiktor Skworc Bytom: Koniec palm na katowickim rynku. Bilet na basen zamiast Policjanci wyszli na ulice Nauka i praca Kolekcja nielegalna Kolejny sklep z dopalaczami w Zabrzu Inwestycje, inwestycje Po audycie - przed zmianami w KHW. Czechach Kto ochroni polskich pracowników? Jak tam ze zdrowiem? Gdzie stacje rowerowe? Polska ziemia bezpieczniejsza?

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