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The constant issue of national security - particularly, the extremely sensitive one of national energy independence - is also bound to crop up in the near future, during a tender for the expansion of the Temelin nuclear power plant. And a number of observers have already begun to turn up their noses towards the favourite, the Russian state company Atomstroyexport. Eppure, la guerra. Access to the Czech embassy in Tbilisi is rather controlled.

The building in someways resembles a small fort, an austere and no frills appearance and the street is heavily guarded by the security present. Et, the war seems a distant memory. A privileged position, a crucial point of view from the Caucasian capital in order to understand how the relations between Europe and Russia are currently developing.

Ossezia meridionale, appunto, e Abkhazia. Due entità, riconosciute praticamente solo da Mosca e da altri quattro paesi in tutto il mondo, che sussistono de facto su territori georgiani. Se Tbilisi cerca alleati affidabili, non possiamo che essere contenti di questi legami. However, besides the debate on borders, there is another decisive issue which we cannot forget. It certainly does however mean the expansion and the development of the European Neighborhood Policies. They range from economic cooperation to cultural support, safety and plans to improve the level of knowledge of young Georgian kids and the old project of the GUAM 1 , which.

The GUAM does not seem to be in a good state. Tbilisi does suffer from the feeling of being isolated, left alone to face the Russian pressure. Georgia occupies a strategic position in the European vision. It is crossed f. It is a geopolitical and economic junction, an inevitable stage. An issue which has never been completely resolved. South Ossetia and Abkhazia.

Two entities, which are practically only recognized by Moscow and by another four countries in the world, which remain in Georgian. Strategia che passa anche attraverso vincoli economici. Transnistria, Bielorussia, Ucraina orientale. An issue which sooner or later, will have to be resolved. The fact remains that the new democratic Georgia is a country which still has a weak democracy and is on the look-out for alliances in the international environment. A collaboration is developing for example with Ankara, Baku or Yerevan. Well, this all comes into the neighborhood policies.

If Tbilisi finds reliable allies, we can only be grateful for these relationships. O Germania? II, nel Medioevo, il che non dà diritto ai cechi di mettere in discussione il suo status. Georgia, Ucraina, Azerbaidjan, Moldavia. Stati i cui territori hanno un ruolo chiave nei progetti di diversificazione energetica europea. The relationships between Russia and Europe and the Czech Republic for that sake are engaged in a channel of normal exchange, both politicaly and economically. Nobody, not even Moscow, benefits from interrupting this relationship of commercial and economic exchange which has its advantages and disadvantages for both sides.

I am speaking f. A strategy that passes also through economic ties. Transnistria, Byelorussia, Eastern Ukraine. An example to everyone would be Konigsberg or Kaliningrad if you prefer. Well, this city was it historically Russian? Or German? By the way, Konig-. Of course, the Russian pan-slavism and not only Russian, is still alive and kicking. Georgia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Moldova. States whose territories have a key role in the projects of the European energy diversification. Oggi sono imprenditori, intere famiglie, artisti, moltissimi giovani e studenti universitari.

The Czech Republic has just celebrated the twentieth anniversary of the withdrawal of the Red Army, which took place in the summer of But, it enough just look around, to perceive that this Country is experiencing a new Russian invasion. In those days, there were men in uniform to keep an eye on Czech loyalty to strict Soviet orthodox rules. Nowadays, they are made up of business people, families, artists, many young people, including university students. All of them view the Czech Republic as one of the most convenient destinations to reach the West. La nuova invasione The new invasion Le cifre ufficiali dicono che sono 30 mila i residenti russi in questo paese, ma tutto lascia pensare che il numero effettivo sia, in realtà, ben più elevato.

Official figures say that there are Prague and its surroundings are among the most appreciated destinations for Russian tourists, and also this aspect, contributes to the idea of multitude. Most Czechs, look at this new invasion with suspicion, distrust and slight animosity, which is manifested silently, by means of suspicious glances and derogatory remarks. When historical reasons and the then traumatic relations with the Soviet Bear are not enough to explain this antipathy, other reasons are brought forward, even complex phonetic ones: She has just finished serving a couple of Muscovites who have just filled up their bags with their favourite souvenirs, bought in a number of grocery shops: Unreciprocated aversion Statistics show that the Russians and Russian speakers generally, are among the foreigners who are less appreciated in the Czech Republic.

It is like that, especially for those whose childhood coincided with the 70s and 80s, and the communist winter of normalization. Feeding this antipathy is also the widespread belief that, even today, Russia is. Instead, the Russians consider the historical events as a closed chapter. Nor do they attribute any responsibility to the Soviet regime, to which many of them see no connection.

All too aware of coming from an empire that spans over nine. Ha appena finito di assistere una coppia di moscoviti che si sono riempiti le borse con bottiglie di Becherovka e scatole di cialde di Karlovy Vary, nei negozi di alimentari i loro souvenir preferiti. In Prague and its surroundings, they really give an impression of feeling at ease, a little bit like being at home, or at least in the immediate vicinity of their home.

Perhaps, it is this very particular attitude that the Czechs find harder to bear. The boom of visitors from Russia Among foreign tourists to the Czech Republic, the Russians are the most numerous after the Germans. This country continues to be a popular destination for them, exactly as was the case at the time of the USSR when being able to go to Prague or Karlovy Vary - was a privilege granted only to very few people.

According to statistics, Russian tourists hold a few significant records: They also. They are the kind of people who buy without giving the impression that they are weighing up the money. And that is their way of being typical, because they love to show they are wealthy and that they can afford it. The assistants of these shops do not get annoyed if they hear Russian being spoken, but rather, they tend to be theatrical, full of smiles, admiration and good manners. Even when they do not belong to the category of the rich, the Russian propensity to spend does not go unnoticed.

It is enough to see them when they are crowding the small crystal and assorted kitsch shops of Wenceslas Square. In the typical pubs, they casually glance at the menu and then order large quantities and all sorts of dishes. Similarly, when giving tips, they are keen to demonstrate how generous they are. And even in this case, the Czech waiters do not disdain.

Home, sweet home in the Czech Republic In addition to this invasion of tourists, there are thousands of Russians who come to settle down in the Czech Republic, so much so, that they have become one of the first foreign minorities. Businessmen in particular, want a safer environment for their in-. Allo stesso modo quando concedono le mance, ci tengono a dimostrare di poter essere generosi. E i camerieri cechi, anche in questo caso, non disdegnano.

Negli ultimi anni ad arrivare, sono piuttosto rappresentanti della classe media, imprenditori, manager,. She works in a specialized agency to assist Russians who have to move to the Czech Republic e. In the early s it was mostly the Russian billionaires who hit the news, also thanks to their wealth - sometimes of obscure origin - they bought hotel businesses, villas and buildings. In the last few years, the trend has been that of middle classes, entrepreneurs, managers, and a host of young students.

Their goal is nearly always the city of Prague. The attractive factor for young people is often the opportunity to study in one of the universities of this country. In just a few months, in not more than a year, they are able to reach a sufficient knowledge of Czech and, therefore,. They do business and, above all, they buy houses Awareness of this current Russian presence in the Czech Republic comes, above all, from the market.

We have already mentioned the Tourism industry, but another special sector worth mentioning is real estate. According to market research, several thousand Russians buy a home in. La loro meta è quasi sempre Praga. In pochi. I più ricchi puntano agli indirizzi più esclusivi di Praga. Piacciono anche le località di villeggiatura, come la Selva boema e i Monti dei giganti, oppure i laghi. I motivi di questi investimenti sono i più vari: Poi ci sono quelli che in questo modo facilitano le pratiche di concessione del visto in Europa e nello spazio Schengen. The wealthiest people aim at the most exclusive addresses in Prague.

Appreciated are also the holiday resorts, like the Bohemian Forest, the Giant Mountains, or the lakes. The reasons for these investments are extremely varied: Then there are those who, in this way, can obtain more easily a visa to Europe and the. Schengen area. Or even simply, do it as an investment. And in the industrial sectors in which they operate — particularly in the petrochemical sector, heavy machinery, energy and financial market — they prove to have high managerial skills, with a great determination to work. Tutto lascia pensare che nei prossimi mesi ne vedremo delle belle nel mercato del trasporto passeggeri.

Le sue armi sono sempre le stesse: Lo ha promesso egli stesso, nel corso. Not content with having ruined the road transport market, with his unmistakably golden buses. His weapons are still the same, high level services at affordable prices. He promised it himself during the presentation of his distinctly yellow trains under the name of RegioJet the railway branch of the Student Agency group. All passengers will have coffee, mineral water and tea included in the ticket price.

At an extra cost also top class restaurant services will be available, even exclusive dishes such as sushi. In fact they have already announced that they want to achieve improvements in services on board. The career of the moravian entrepeneur - Forty years old, with a degree at the Brno University of Technology, and known for his image as a man with simple tastes without the typical excesses of a man who has become rich very quickly. He founded Student agency in , a company which at the time offered language courses abroad and student au pair experiences. A winning formula in the new democracy of the Czech Republic with many young people wanting to learn the languages and travel around the world despite having little money.

He himself spent his first years as a graduate in London, maintaining. One can only be led to thinking that in the following months we will see wonders in the passenger transport market. A pagamento, potranno anche contare. Fra le novità, lo schermo televisivo a disposizione di ogni passeggero, la possibilità di scegliere fra 50 film on demand. Oppure la presa elettrica per il pc e il collegamento Internet super veloce in modalità wi-fi, per chi vuole lavorare durante il tragitto.

Now apart from connecting the. In Student Agency received the award for best passenger transport agency in the Czech Republic. The benchmark of european buses in terms of comfort and modernity. Among the innovations, was the television screen available to all passengers with the choice of 50 films on demand, the electrical. It has been verified that in the whole european continent there are no more than sixty buses with comparable characteristics.

The on board staff are remarkably efficient, mainly consisting of young university students or fresh graduates, who speak at least two european languages and are enthusiastic due to the knowledge it is an important work experience for their CV and future plans. The cost of the journey: Se si andasse a votare oggi per il rinnovo della Camera dei deputati, il partito Socialdemocratico si aggiudicherebbe agevolmente le elezioni. Previste anche misure di indennizzo: La legge entrerà simbolicamente in vigore il 17 novembre data della Rivoluzione di velluto.

Nuovi scontri nella Selva Boema fra polizia ed ambientalisti. Gli ecologisti, che hanno accusato la polizia di atteggiamenti brutali, definiscono illegale la decisione del Parco nazionale di tagliare gli alberi attaccati dagli insetti. Su questa vicenda interviene anche la Commissione europea, che chiede spiegazioni a Praga su sta affrontando la vicenda.

Lo scorso anno sono state In aumento anche il numero dei visitatori, quasi tre milioni, quindi mila in più rispetto al Anche gli stand sono apparsi meno guarniti rispetto al passato. La Commissione Ue approva il progetto Ceitec, un centro ricerca e alta tecnologia da realizzare nella capitale morava. Si tratta del primo centro di questo tipo approvato alla Ue.

La Ceitec si concentrerà su biomedicina e nella ricerca di materiali e tecnologie innovative. A Brno verranno anche attivati sette programmi, fra i quali rientrerà persino lo sviluppo in ambito militare dei nano robot. Nel primo semestre ad avvantaggiarsi di questo andamento sono soprattutto state soprattutto Polonia, Rep. Ceca, Slovacchia, Ungheria e Romania. Per quanto riguarda in particolare la Repubblica Ceca, si è passati da milioni a milioni di euro. Positivo invece il mercato dei mutui ipotecari. Le altre tre sono Herend Ungheria, porcellane , Montblanc Germania, strumenti per la scrittura e orologeria e Leica Germania, strumenti per la fotografia e ottica.

Nella città morava inizia la realizzazione di un mega computer e di centro di ricerca specializzato nelle tecniche di soft computing, architetture, reti e protocolli sicuri, che non avrà uguali in Europa centrale. Per questo progetto il ministero della Scuola ha garantito una dotazione di fondi pari a quasi due miliardi di corone. Sarà completato entro il Nel primo semestre sono stati spesi milioni di euro quasi 18 miliardi di corone per immobili di destinazione commerciale e imprenditoriale. Tale cifra è già superiore agli investimenti effettuati in tutto il Il colosso energetico ceco è sospettato di aver abusato della sua posizione dominante sul mercato, limitando in forma illegittima i diritti delle compagnie concorrenti.

Bene anche il settore degli autobus. Complessivamente sono stati prodotti 1. Gli investimenti stranieri in Repubblica ceca del sono stati di valore leggermente superiore anche a quelli del , anno di inizio della crisi. Lo scorso anno sono stati prodotti mila ettolitri di vino, un terzo in meno rispetto alla stagione precedente. In aumento invece il consumo, pari nel a 20 litri pro capite nel era di 12 litri annui pro capite. La media Ue è pero ancora distante 30 litri. La tennista ceca, ventunenne, si aggiudica il celebre torneo battendo in finale la favoritissima russa Maria Sharapova. Un trionfo che esalta la Repubblica Ceca. Il film israeliano, del regista Joseph Madmony, si aggiudica il premio principale in occasione della 46esima edizione del Festival internazionale del cinema.

Il premio al Miglior regista è assegnato a Pascal Rabate, per Ni à vendre, ni à louer. Il premio Est-Ovest a una pellicola serbo-macedone, Il punk non è morto, del regista Vladimir Blazevski. Premiato infine anche John Turturro, presidente della giuria. Numerosa la partecipazione italiana con sette film in programma. South Moravia is, in fact, ready to afford the sum of ten million crowns for next year and the two successive years.

The South Moravian Region persuades the Prague government to ensure the necessary resources for the future motorcycle event of the year. La Moravia meridionale, infatti, è già pronta a mettere a disposizione la somma di dieci milioni di corone per il prossimo anno e per i due successivi. Il suo è stato un compito non facile, vista la politica di tagli e di austerity, a tutti i livelli, che il governo di Praga sta praticando. His was not an easy task, given the policy of cuts and austerity at all levels, that the Prague government has been carrying out. An epilogue that also brings joy to the multitude of. Italian fans, who traditionally flock to the capital of Moravia during the days of the GP.

To wish to change to the fact. On the part of my regional administration there is the commitment to support the GP - and we have already doubled our contribution to this event, as the town of Brno has done, for this year and for the next few years. Moravia, motorbikes, but not only Nel hanno visitato la Moravia del Sud Ma tra Italia e Moravia del Sud ci sono forti legami che vanno oltre il motociclismo, come ha spiegato il. In , 18, Italians visited South Moravia with an average stay of 3.

But, there are also strong ties between Italy and South Moravia that go beyond motorcycling, as the governor explained: South Moravia, which comes after Prague as a favourite destination for foreign tourists, together with Karlovy Vary, is really full of opportunities for tourism, Hasek remarked, noting that in the last few months, Rome and Brno have become closer also thanks to a new direct flight operated by Wizz Air. Another great achievement, mentioned by Hasek, is the South Moravian Innovation Centre that supports innovative enterprises, students with original ideas, researchers and inventors, by promoting collaboration between industries, research institutions and the public administration.

A hope expressed together with a light-hearted recommendation: In addition to improving the quality of wines, bottling and production techniques, the region is, in fact, focusing on the prestige of its labels. Hasek, who is also chairman of the supervisory board of Vinarsky funds Czech wine fund , the body that deals with marketing and development of the wine industry in the Czech Republic, has among his diktats that of defending the production of authentic Moravian wine. The main pursuit of the Fund is the protection of Moravian wine to prevent it from mixing with imported wines mostly Italian. Una speranza espressa insieme a una scherzosa raccomandazione: La lotta principale che il Fondo vuole portare avanti è la salvaguardia del vino moravo per evitare che si mescoli con vini di importazione soprattutto italiana.

Unicredit Bank a. CZ30 Swift: CZ08 della Swift: EBS consulting s. Bonifico Bancario Unicredit conto: I dati di giugno preoccupano molti commentatori nella Repubblica Ceca. Sul versante positivo, la crisi precedente ha molto migliorato il livello di produttività del paese, per cui il settore industriale è oggi molto meglio preparato a sostenere un rallentamento o addirittura una recessione.

The June figures are worrying many, in the Czech Republic. Probably inhebriated by the extraordinary performances of the previous months, some analysts considered a 7. What lays ahead though, might be worrysome. The GDP figures of Germany, basically flat in Q2, indicate that most probably the exports of vehicles will slowdown significantly, with a strong negative impact on the industrial production. Also, the expected budget restraints in all Europe shall keep the Governments purses quite tight.

On the positive side, the previous crises helped improving the productivity, making the Czech industrial sector much better equipped to withstand a slowdown or even a recession. Un calmiere è portato dal continuo calo dei prezzi dei prodotti industriali e dei beni di consumo, e dalla corona piuttosto forte. Anche per questo motivo, alcuni auspicano, e con buoni argomenti, un rinnovato quantitative easing da parte della Banca Centrale per stimolare ulteriormente la domanda interna.

The inflation rate kept pushing upwards in July, but only moderately. This is a standard dynamics for the summer months, but it is also caused by the quite worrying worldwide increase in prices of foods, which obviously hurts mostly the low-income population. Nevertheless, the constant falling of consumer goods and industrial prices, and the strength of the Crown, are somehow counterbalancing the stronger upward pressure on the inflation rate. It was recorded in July at 1. For this, many hope —and with good reason- that the Central Bank would eventually push forward a new quantitative easing, in order to foster the domestic demand.

Purtroppo sembra essere un dato solamente stagionale, e le previsioni sono per un autunno meno positivo sul versante occupazione. Ma la cronica assenza di opportunità in diverse regioni del paese, come la regione di Most, di Karlovy Vary, e della Moravia-Silesia, rende complessa la situazione occupazionale. Unfortunately, it seems to be just a temporary, seasonal situation. Forecasts for the fall months are for a less positive picture on the employment front. Good indications come from the industrial sector, where new jobs are being created, thanks mainly to the export growth. But the cronical lack of opportunities in some selected areas, such as Most, Karlovy Vary and MoravianSilesia regions, makes for a quite dire picture of the job market.

Add to that the general unwillingness to relocate, and relatively generous unemployment benefits, and the situation is of a country with full employment in the richer regionsPrague, etc-and experiencing cronically high unemployment in other areas. Dunque, ci si attende nei prossimi mesi un significativo calo delle esportazioni. Comunque, la bilancia commerciale si mantiene ampiamente in attivo, e cresce su base annua a 17,6 miliardi di corone. June recorded quite a slowdown in the y-on-y growing trend of both imports and exports. Exports grew by 9. This came at a surprise for some analysts, but we must bear in mind that June was one of the best months of the year, exportwise.

In any case, it is certainly a signal of a general slowdown in the European economies, namely Germany. We then expect for the coming months a marked slowdown in exports. In any case, the trade balance is still very much in positive territory, and growing y-on-y to As usual, the balance is negative versus Asia and Russia.

Architectural consulting immobiliare e progettazione real estate and designing Karlova 19, 00 Praha 1 tel. Antares a. VUB a. Quattro hotel nel cuore di Praga. The Art of Hospitality at your Service. Offre servizi di alta qualità e forniture di energia elettrica affidabili a tante aziende ceche. It is offering high standard services and reliable power supplies to many Czech companies. Abbiamo due principali azionisti. Italian-Slovak Company According to the available installed capacity of 5 We have two main shareholders. The majority shareholder is an Italian company — Enel Produzione S.

They operate Dapprima era gestita solo da un gruppo di trading slovacco che ha acquisito esperienza ed ha acquisito i primi due clienti in Moravia. Ora stiamo fornendo circa 2. The biggest proof of their environmental awareness is undoubtedly the completion of 3. Commissioning of unit 3 is planned for the end of and unit 4 in summer First it was solely managed by a Slovak team from trading.

Thus they have obtained first experience and first two customers in Moravia. Changes occurred mainly in when our customer portfolio grew and we are now supplying about 2. She further explained that competition in this sector is so great that developing. Mercato ceco contro mercato slovacco I mercati in Repubblica Ceca e in Slovacchia non variano. Le società e gli operatori di energia cechi operano in Slovacchia e viceversa.

Entrambi i mercati sono stati totalmente liberalizzati. Questa è comunque solo una questione di tempo. In Slovacchia ogni società trading networks, call centres or business offices or investing into the promotion campaigns is not worth it. In the Czech Republic there are so many electricity traders operating at the market that some of them will have to decide on how to proceed in the future. Czech vs. Slovak market The markets in the Czech Republic and Slovakia do not vary. Before there was a unique connected power grid and we are again returning to that in a different way.

Czech power companies and traders operate in Slovakia and vice versa. Both markets were fully liberalized. There are some differences, however, mainly due to history. In Slovakia the traders had a simpler position after the market has been opened, but then distribution companies came to their senses and. In Slovacchia le sue mansioni sono gestite dalle società di distribuzione e dagli operatori della rete di trasmissione — SEPS. Offriamo ai clienti. Ovviamente siamo meglio dei nostri concorrenti in quanto i clienti sono disposti a cambiare fornitore e a venire con noi.

This is, however, just a question of time. On the other hand the advantage of the Czech market was also in the fact that all traders and distributors had transparent conditions established. They gained equal access to information, data, and everything needed for business. In Slovakia every distribution company has their own form of data measured at customers. Yet providing data and information is the basis for cooperation between a trading company and customers working the same way with all trading agents. In Slovakia its tasks are managed by the distribution companies and transmission grid operator — SEPS.

What do Slovenske elektrarne offer to their customers? It concerns service, detailed work with data, reviewing the needs of the customers, elimination of their concerns. We offer services concerning the supply efficiency, analyse their contracted capacities, look for inefficiently negotiated inputs, and, of course, provide consulting. In the Czech Republic we operate as a branch focusing our business activities on electricity supplies to final customers.

Trading is centralised in Bratislava and our price offers are based on the actual market prices. We are obviously doing better than our competitors because. The strategy of Slovenske elektrarne gambles on gradual development of clientele in order to be able to use the potential of Mochovce power plant after its commissioning, for the Czech customers.

Slovak power generator is interested in selling at the Czech market the electricity from its generation portfolio and to build a stable position in the Czech Republic. Ancora studente partecipa alla realizzazione di documentari e si dedica alla stesura di sceneggiature. Nel produce il film sperimentale La luce fende le tenebre e al risale il suo primo film, Storia di un filosofo. Una vergine per l'inquisitore del e Il commediante del sono tra le sue opere migliori.

While still a student he participated in the production of documentaries and dedicated his time to writing screenplays. On the advent of Communism, the director shows to be condescending to the new political situation and starts making films that praise the regime, some of which are feature films with a historical setting.

A virgin for the inquisitor in and The comedian in are among his best works. Il partito venne fondato nella hospoda U zlatého litru in via Balbínova nel quartiere di Vinohrady. The party was founded in the hospoda U zlatého litru in Balbínova street in the district of Vinohrady. Among the various points of the Party program there was the intention of abolishing entry fees for the use of public toilets. Risale al la fondazione della prima Borsa di Praga che nel diventa la borsa praghese per i valori e i titoli. The foundation of the first Prague Stock Exchange dates back to , which in becomes the Prague Stock Exchange for Stocks and shares and Securities.

At the time of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, it gained enormous success thanks to the flourishing trade of sugar, but after the First World War, the volume of business declined and trade was replaced by state bonds only. With the advent of the Communists, the establishment was closed, only to be restored in the years that followed the Velvet Revolution. Vok lived for many years in the shadow of his older brother Vilém, and from a very young age, had shown great interested for science, literature, art and culture in general, so much so as to establish one of the largest libraries in Central Europe.

Its collections of art objects and relics were comparable to the most famous ones of Emperor Rudolf II. Fu proprio in questo palazzo dalla pianta irregolare e quasi labirintico,. Se si contano anche le altre. Unlike the suburban courthouse where Joseph K. The neo-Renaissance style building - built between and by architect Alfons Wertmüller - aroused the opposition of Bohemian critics, who disliked any references to French tradition, but mostly German of the various architec-. It was in this building with its irregular shape, almost like a labyrinth, with five wings, three floors and courtyards that the famous writer carried out his apprenticeship, during his short career as a lawyer.

Practitioners, who want to follow the footsteps of the writer, must wait at least a year before they may climb the stairs of the palace. Briefly, it is a hi-. Fa pensare di essere arrivati ad una specie di mini-Cassazione praghese. It gives you the impression of being in a sort of Prague mini Supreme Court of Justice. In the Spalena courthouse, the long corridors leading to the courtrooms are almost empty; the colours and furniture add a cold and aseptic tone to the courtrooms — which is probably what is left over from the restructuring work carried out during the socialist period. Our team awaits the start of the hearing, just outside the courtroom, in total silence, which is broken only by a quick exchange of witty remarks and the sound of high heels of a woman magistrate who observes us while passing, without saying hello.

The notice on the courthouse door shows only four hearings, on fixed dates: In those tense minutes before a very crucial hearing against a high-ranking opponent no less than the City of Prague I, the Italian lawyer, accustomed to the courts of the Peninsula, feel that I will acknowledge my counterparts for their apparent, even superb confiden-. Il presidente del collegio dirige il dibattimento concedendo la parola a turno, per poi registrare su nastro una sua sintesi di quello che è stato detto dagli avvocati. However, Prague is neither Rome nor Milan, and a modest lady comes along instead, dressed rather sloppily, wearing sports shoes, her eyes pointing to the ground.

The asto-. The hearing finally begins and we are allowed to enter the courtroom. The big, white entrance door, which closes behind us, is covered on the inside with thick leather upholstery. Except for the heraldry of the Republic, the room is. The benches for the public are empty and the three judges are already sitting on their high-backed chairs, all of them dressed in black robes, and presided over by a woman. We proceed to our assigned seats and the judge — according to ritual - embarks on a long reading of the acts of the trial that she has selected, to provide a kind of summary of the case. The reading is homage to modern Czech legal language: Perhaps the only element of suspense for readers and listeners is the inevitable list of verbs at the end of sentences.

The tone of the reader - monotonous and devoid of any emphasis - is obviously respectful of the written style. On addressing the panel of judges, the lawyers are expected to stand up, even if just to answer yes or no. The president of the Bench conducts the trial by allowing each to speak in turn, followed by a tape-recording of a summary of what the lawyers have said.

Unlike Italian proceedings, the formulation of the minutes of the hearing is in the hands of the judge and not in those of the lawyers, who occasionally object to a few statements by asking for modifications or provisions. With only four public law faculties throughout the Czech Republic, the number of lawyers is altogether quite reasonable: The Milan Bar association alone has about ten thousand registered members.

Access to the profession is attained through written and oral exams, organized each year by the national Bar associa-. At the hearing, the discussion proceeds rapidly and we come to its conclusions almost without realizing it. The exchange of arguments has taken place without a hint of animosity, buried by the technicality of the arguments and the impassive demeanour of all the people present. As often is the case in Czech civil proceedings - with sudden slowdowns and accelerations - the court will make its decision the same day, during the hearing, by giving a sort of brief motivation and deferring the written verdict — at times - even by a number of weeks.

In other words, it is not common practice for the judge. To make it all less extraordinary, however, is the fact that most first-instance judgments do not have — it is the opposite in Italy - provisional enforceability: The court retires to reach a decision and we are asked to leave the courtroom. We immediately put away the idea of being losers because it is not a good omen and just wait nervously for the outcome of the verdict.

Progetto Repubblica Ceca ( Luglio - Agosto / July - August) by Redakce Progetto - Issuu

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